What is $XIO?

Holding $XIO gives you rights to all projects we develop through the Blockzero Labs venture studio.

Its main purpose is to fuel and incentivize innovation in the decentralized universe.

If Ethereum is the base layer for the world of Web 3.0, Blockzero is the digital spacecraft we built to explore the potential of this new universe.

Here are some projects and protocols that $XIO has made possible.


What gives $XIO Value?

$XIO generates value from the past, present, and future developments of the Blockzero venture studio.


When Blockzero launches a project, a portion of the native tokens goes into the Vortex  -  a treasury of assets currently managed by the Blockzero Council.
As we transition to a DAO, anyone will be able to redeem the underlying value of the Vortex by burning $XIO tokens. This inherently gives $XIO a collateralized value.

The Vortex currently holds:

  • 6.4M $FLASH
  • Soon to be 250M $AQUA


Additionally, $XIO holders earn new tokens every single day and claimable at dropzero.io

In the month of August 2021, $XIO holders will be projected to earn:

  • 500,000 $XIO (Yield Missions)
  • 333,333 $FLASH
  • 3.2M $AQUA


Holding $XIO gives you rights to all future projects we develop.

When we create a project with a native token, we airdrop it directly to XIO holders.

Here are some examples of how many tokens Blockzero Citizens earned in our major developments:

  • $FLASH = 75% of Circulating, 75% of Total Supply
  • $AQUA = 59% of Circulating, 59% of Total Supply
  • $XIO = 100% of Circulating, 25% of Total Supply

How Was $XIO Distributed?

Blockzero has never raised any outside capital, has no VC investors, and is 100% bootstrapped by the community that supports it.

25% of the entire $XIO supply was made available and given away to the holders of our first experimental project — Bomb.

All remaining tokens are currently held in the Blockzero Vortex — a public 5/7th multsig wallet that is managed by the Blockzero Council.

The intent of these tokens are currently to be used for:

  • Liquidity Incentives
  • Community Building
  • Onboarding Advisors
  • Operational Expenses

The proportion of how these funds are to be used is ultimately up to the Blockzero Council, Community, and $XIO holders.


What is the Utility of $XIO?

There are three utilities for the XIO token: Governance + Rewards + Staking

Total Supply: 100M



The XIO token is used to make or vote on important proposals at vote.blockzerolabs.io


The XIO token can be earned through various yield missions.


In the future, the XIO token will be staked into the Vortex to earn simultaneous yield and native tokens from the projects we build.

The Future

The genesis block, also referred to as block0, is the origin for which all blockchains are built upon. Without it, nothing else is possible.

Blockzero aims to be this foundational building block for creation and innovation in the decentralized world. Web 3.0 technology opened up a whole new universe of potential possibilities and we want to bring these new realities to life.

Our mission is to build, launch, and scale the next generation of projects into the decentralized world. We hope you join us.