Decentralize the World.

$XIO is the primary asset of Blockzero Labs. All future tokens developed by the token studio are distributed directly to $XIO holders.


Flashstaking Protocol

$FLASH is crypto’s first flashstaking token that enables users to earn instant upfront yield.


Universal Liquidity Mining

$AQUA is a universal liquidity mining token. Pair $AQUA with any ERC asset and start mining to earn instant upfront liquidity rewards.


Tokenized Yield Swaps

$CLVR powers a tokenized yield swap protocol. Take any yield or interest accruing asset like UNI LP tokens and trade them for future yield, today.


Synthetic Staking

Powered by $ZYN, convert any ERC into a Zynthetic token to give it magical staking powers.


What is our next token?

Want to help us build our next token? Join the community by becoming an XIO Citizen and help us go from logo to launch.