What are XIO Options?

There were 100 total XIO Options created that represent 10M XIO tokens. As our CMC ranking increases, so do the value of the Options.

What is $XIO?

Holding $XIO gives you exclusive drops from all the projects we create or accelerate.


Max Supply


Market Cap


Yield Generated

YC vs. XIO

Imagine holding a piece of every company that came out of YC. That's what $XIO offers, but with Web3 projects instead of Web2 startups.

YC vs. XIO Article
What is the utility of $XIO?

The $XIO token has three primary utility functions.

DAO Governance

$XIO holders vote on which projects we should create or accelerate. This helps us make major economic decisions on how to use the Blockzero Treasury.

Subsidizing Projects

Any project can make a request for capital proposal to the Blockzero DAO. This capital we used to fund projects is deployed through the $XIO token.

Perpetual Drops

When we create or accelerate a project, they drop tokens into the Blockzero Treasury. These tokens are then dropped to $XIO holders.
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Past, Present, Future Value.

The $XIO token aligns us with the past, present, and future success of the projects we accelerate.


A portion of the native tokens from the projects we accelerate go directly into the Blockzero Treasury. Anyone will be able to redeem the underlying value of the treasury by burning $XIO tokens. This inherently gives $XIO a collateralized value based on historic performance.

Present Value

$XIO holders earn new tokens every single day from the projects we are accelerating. Go to dropzero.io to see your balance increase daily.

Future Value

When we create or accelerate a project with a native token, we airdrop it directly to $XIO holders based on how long they hold it. This means, holding $XIO over time gives you greater claims to all future projects.
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Some projects we have accelerated.