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Nick Mitch

1) What do you want us to call you?


2) Where are you from in the world?

Oregon, United States

3) What is one interesting fact about you?

I enjoy sketching, stenciling, and doing spray-paint art.

4) Outside of crypto, what is your biggest hobby?

Fantasy Sports, specifically Fantasy Football. I think I was in 7 leagues this last year and am a complete degenerate when it comes to managing my dynasty rosters.

5) Outside of XIO/ETH/BTC, what is your favorite crypto project?

Illuvium ($ILV), I think they are going to take the play-to-earn gaming world by storm. The project feels like Pokémon for the crypto age.

6) What is your favorite movie?

The 2001 Heath Ledger classic, A Knight’s Tale. A rags-to-riches medieval sports story with a killer soundtrack. What it lacks in depth it more than makes up for in overall fun.

7) What is your favorite book/podcast?

Nonfiction: The Obstacle is the Way, by Ryan Holiday
Fiction: Fight Club, by Chuck Palahniuk

8) Share a link to a song you like!

I know it’s a cover (the original is great too), but the Shinedown version of Simple Man:

9) When did you buy your first crypto?

I bought ETH for the first time in January 2021. My what a ride it has been since.

10) What is something you’re passionate about?

I want to build cool stuff that helps make the world a better place. It is what brought me here to Blockzero and what has me so excited to get out of bed each morning.One more, I believe life is about balance so when I’m not working, I am passionate about spending time with family, snowboarding, hiking, and paddleboarding.