There are a total of four levels to complete and each level consists of four tasks. As you conquer each stage and level-up, you earn $XIO as a reward. As the levels progress, the difficulty of tasks increases, but so does the reward amount.

At the final level 4, you can earn up to one million $XIO. Here are the rewards for each level:

LVL1: 1000 XIO
LVL2: 10,000 XIO
LVL3: 100,000 XIO
LVL4: 1,000,000 XIO


1) #Brainstorm

This quest is all about coming up with ideas to push the industry and Blockzero Labs forward.

To tackle this task, head to the #Brainstorm channel on the Blockzero Labs Discord and submit ideas on how you believe Blockzero Labs could become better a better project.

While brainstorming can be open-ended, here are a few other examples you could present:

Projects: An idea for a specific project we should build
Marketing: An idea for a marketing campaign we could implement
Operations: An idea on how to run more efficiently as a project
Content: An idea for an article we could write of video we could make

If you get 10 Blockzero (Z) emoji reactions from the community, you will have completed this task! Click here to view an example of a brainstorm.


2) Pass the Core Citizen Exam

Resources in the decentralized world are scarce and the Blockzero Spacecraft has a lot of needs. For this reason, we created the Blockzero Core — a group of trusted and motivated individuals that provide their talents to Blockzero Labs on a daily basis.

The Core Citizen Exam is a 10+ question quiz that you must answer and receive 100% accuracy.


3) Recruit One Citizen

The more Blockzero Citizens we have, the more cool things we can build and yield we can earn together. Help us recruit new Citizens and earn along the way!

When you create a Blockzero Passport, you are sent a referral link. Use this link to invite new Citizens so we can attribute them to you.

If you lost your referral code, or are uncertain what it is, join our support chat.


4) Stake 1,000 XIO for 1 Week

Without liquidity, the Blockzero Labs project has no fuel to operate. The Liquid Fire quest is all about adding liquidity to the XIO token. Not to mention, when you provide liquidity, you start to earn an additional 30–90% APY on your XIO, which is more reason to participate.


2 Point Tasks are not yet finalized. Come back in a week or so!

3 Point Tasks are not yet finalized. Come back in a week or so!

4 Point Tasks are not yet finalized. Come back in a week or so!

Moon Mission Multiplayer

If you are still a little confused or intimidated by all this, no worries — we have a program just for you.

The Moon Mission Cohorts is a small private group that offers step-by-step guidance on helping you reach LVL1 to earn your first 1000 XIO. Games are more fun when you play together.

Click the button below to apply for a Cohort and we will assign you to a private group of other new Blockzero Citizens and give additional support along your journey!


Moon Mission Disclaimers


Blockzero Labs is allocating an initial 10M XIO tokens for Moon Mission Rewards. While we currently intend to increase these funds over time as the funds deplete, this is not promised.

The 10M XIO tokens will be distributed on a first-completed, first-served basis. This means, if all 10M tokens are earned and the budget is not refilled, it is possible some individuals may not earn the full amount of the originally expected rewards.

Additionally, the Blockzero Council and Community reserves the right to change the Moon Mission parameters as needed. Although we attempted to create the best campaign structure possible, unintended outcomes may be present where we will need to adjust items accordingly.