The Blockzero Mental Mining Program (formerly: XIO Social Initiative) rewards Citizens of the Network for their quick, consistent, and quality engagement across all social platforms.




Once you have your Blockzero ID, simply follow all of our official XIO social media accounts, and be on the lookout for any time we use the #XIOfeedback hashtag.



Once the hashtag is applied, you must leave your quality feedback within the given timeframe in order to earn credits.

Engage on our various social platforms!



Each high-quality comment you make can earn you Credits. These Credits put you on the XSI Leaderboard, which is how you can attain free $XIO Tokens!



The Forum
  • Goal: This is the place for in-depth discussion. Create ideas, exchange arguments, prepare and vote on Community decisions…

    • Goal: Get timely updates and engage in live discussions on the Blockzero YouTube Channel
      Blockzero Youtube
Blockzero Twitter
  • Goal: Quick responses and showing other’s what our community is about.

Other Blockzero Labs Social Media Channels


Everything revolves around #XIOfeedback. If you see this hashtag used in any of the official XIO social platforms, it means that post is eligible for rewards. Rewards are paid out monthly to Citizens who earn Credits. If you manage to reach the XSI Leaderboard, you will receive a Multiplier on your Total XIO Holdings.

Please consider that you have to reach at least 15 credits to become eligible for earning additional percentages.

Finishing in the leaderboard the amount of XIO Tokens in your wallet will earn additional interest up to fixed maximum cap.

[Please be advised that the following rewards structure is currently revised and will be adjusted anytime soon.]

  • Top 1-3,  15% monthly interest (up to $1,500 USD)!
  • Top 4-10,  10% monthly interest (up to $1,000 USD)!
  • Top 11-20,  7.5% monthly interest (up to $500 USD)!
  • Top 21-35,  5% monthly interest (up to $250 USD)!
  • Top 36-50,  2.5% monthly interest (up to $100 USD)!

Tokens must have been held for 30 days to be eligible for Multiplier.

To prevent Sybil attacks, participants must be an XIO Citizen and have 250 XIO in their wallets to be eligible.

If you don’t have 250 Tokens, join us on Discord and participate in debates and discussions.


The more value a comment provides the more credits can be earned. Therefore the following grading system will be applied to all comments.

quality or value added grading criteria credits earned
zero / none if the comment has no reference to the question asked, contains no reasoning, no example or is sheer repetition 0
average if the comment contains some explanation giving at least one simple reason or example (also if referring to another comment asking for explanation or further detail) 3
high if the comment contains detailed explanation giving at least two good reasons or examples 6
premium if the comment answers the question or refers to another comment articulating multiple pros and cons 9
exraordinary if the comment is a special contribution to the discussion e.g. by introducing an unique or controversial idea sparking further discussion, summing up previous statements in an extraordinarily comprehensive way, etc 15

A single topic you can earn up to 15 Credits. Credits on the Forum get a x3 multiplier (45 max).

Make sure to comment within 5 days from the original post. Shorter times may be applied to specific topics.


The leaderboard is updated manually usually twice a month.

Please be advised that final payout amounts might be reduced due to having had only few feedback posts this month.
1XID – 5D95B36
2XID – e6B0527
2XID – B64BD27
2XID – 554527
2XID – 4f7BD27
2XID – 4865427
3XID – f5b7f18
3XID – 80B8218
3XID – 73F3918
3XID – 6CCb518
3XID – 546EE18
3XID – 296D318
3XID – 185D118
4XID – 341E9

Leaderboards are reset on the last day of the month. Rewards are paid once per month. You can then use to claim your rewards.


Any Citizen can submit a topic on the Blockzero Mental Mining Forum under this section (click: “start a new conversation” at the bottom). Whenever a topic gains particular interest from the community or the XIO Core Citizens, it will be promoted to “Official XSI Promoted Post” and immediately become eligible to earn credits on.

The criteria to become a sponsored post are those that:

  1. Spark controversial/thought-provoking discussion
  2. Collect valuable feedback or ideas on future development of the network or existing protocols
  3. Generate a substantial amount of community feedback/engagement with your post

If your topic gets promoted, you will automatically be awarded the maximum amount credits a citizen can earn per topic (45 Credits if promoted on the Forum, 15 credits if promoted on any other social channels).

On the forum, you can easily find active posts by using the tag search.

Also, you can easily search for #XIOfeedback on Twitter and monitor our XSI Telegram channel.

We are looking forward to your participation. We’ll see you atop the leaderboard! :3rd_place_medal::2nd_place_medal::1st_place_medal::trophy: