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Jacob Barnett

① What do you want us to call you? Jacob (or Amosity)

② Where are you from in the world? MN, USA

③ What is one interesting fact about you? I mine ethereum and built my own rigs.

④ List a crypto project you think is cool and what you like about it. Ethereum because it give people the ability to create.

⑤ List a favorite movie, book, or podcast of yours. I am a big fan of LOTR

⑥ What is something you’re passionate about? I am passionate about crypto and the good it can do for people all over the world.

⑦ What is your goal with joining Blockzero? I want to participate and help Blockzero accelerate on its path to creating the next generation of DeFi tools

⑧ How did you hear about Blockzero Labs? Bomb Token

⑨ What questions do you have for the community? What do you like about Blockzero? What specifically pulled you in and made you interested?