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Join the Blockzero DAO and earn crypto for helping us accelerate Web3 projects.

What is the Blockzero Labs?

Blockzero Labs is a decentralized and community-owned accelerator. We give projects the community, capital, and connections they need to succeed. Those who help us are called the Blockzero Citizens and these individuals earn crypto for their efforts.

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What is the XIO Token

Every project we create or accelerate goes directly to XIO holders. Holding it gives you exclusive access to a galaxy of DeFi and NFT drops.

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How Can I Earn XIO?

There are several ways to earn your first XIO!

Stay updated on Discord for new “Yield Missions” and ways to earn crypto!

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What Projects Are We Accelerating?

We are always creating and accelerating Web3 projects! Go to the link below to check out what we are currently working on.

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What are the Cryptonauts NFTs?

Cryptonauts are a deflationary set of interstellar NFTs that give holders exclusive access to a galaxy of DeFi and NFT drops.

There are only 1111 First Edition Cryptonauts. 111 are unique one-of-ones. At launch, each Cryptonaut comes pre-loaded with $XIO, the native token of Blockzero Labs.

At any point, you can sacrifice your Cryptonaut by burning your NFT to redeem the underlying tokens. This makes Cryptonauts deflationary by design.


Who is working on Blockzero Labs?

As a DAO, anyone can contribute to Blockzero Labs. Currently, there are three groups of people that help push the project forward.

1) The Blockzero Council currently consists of six community members that have been around since the beginning of the project. Collectively, they help manage the Blockzero Vortex multi-sig wallet and are responsible for executing major governance decisions.

2) The Blockzero Core are individuals who work on Blockzero Labs on a daily basis. Currently, they contribute to three different departments including marketing, development, and operations.

3) The Blockero Citizens are the passionate community members that make Blockzero possible!

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How Does Governance Work?

More info coming soon.