Who are Blockzero Citizens?

Citizens are the distributed community of humans that power and govern the entire Blockzero Universe. Through their collaborative efforts and autonomous energy, Citizens are responsible for helping build, scale, and own the next generation of decentralized projects.


Why would I become a Citizen?

When you become a Citizen you will receive your very own ZID, a unique passport to explore the Blockzero Universe. This enables Citizens to begin earning $XIO tokens in three specific ways.

XLP | Liquidity Program

Add ETH/XIO liquidity on Uniswap and earn 10-30% yield per month

XSI | Social Initiative

Provide feedback on social campaigns and earn up to $1000/month

XTO | Talent Offering

Offer your dev, operational, or growth skills to the Blockzero Universe

Who are Core Citizens?

The Blockzero Core Citizens are individuals who have offered their time and energy to help push the project forward on a daily basis. The Core is responsible for filtering and presenting proposals to the general Citizens.

How do you become a Citizen?

The Citizenship form takes only about three minutes to apply. Once submitted, you will be sent additional information about the Citizen activation and onboarding process.