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Around the Block w/ Jeff Kirdeikis the Founder of Uptrennd | Social Media, For the People


In this interview, we share the story of how Jeff Kirdeikis, a yoga circus firefighter, got scammed for every dollar he owned and eventually become the founder of Some of the questions we ask Jeff during this episode:

  • 01:37 What was Jeff doing before crypto and got him into the industry?
  • 4:30 Share a time in your entrepreneur journey that didn’t go as planned and how did you overcome it?
  • 7:45 What is Uptrennd and why did you build it?
  • 9:30 Where is the balance between freedom of speech of social media being legally compliant? How does Uptrennd plan to juggle this?
  • 12:46 Will the world of social crypto have one monoply leader or several different smaller websites succeeding?
  • 15:55 How does Uptrennd differentiate itself? How will this evolve over time?
  • 18:50 Do you feel Uptrennd is democratic?
  • 19:35 What advice to you give to people who don’t perform an ICO or raise upfront capital?
  • 22:22 Can you explain the tokenomics behind 1UP tokens and what to look forward to in the future?
  • 27:00 With so many tokens currently held in cold storage, what would you tell token holders on how these will come into circulation? 30:52 What is the most requested feature from the Uptrennd community? What should people get excited about?
  • 33:30 How are you going to keep users on Uptrennd enthralled over time as opposed to Steemit?
  • 38:40 If there is a blockchain startup that most people haven’t heard of, what is it?

Around the Block w/ Jason Coppola founder of Opacity | Private Storage, Powered by Crypto

Hey Google, are you reading my catfood files on GDrive? From an engineer with Microsoft during the Dot Com boom in the late 90’s to the founder of a blockchain startup, this interview shares the story of Jason Copolla and why he is building private storage for the decentralized world.

  • 2:55 What did you do before Crypto?
  • 4:40 What got you excited about the blockchain industry?
  • 6:26 What is your elevator pitch and overview for Opacity?
  • 9:00 Can Google see our files stored on GDrive and advertise to use based on this data?
  • 10:21 What does the decentralized storage space look like right now? Who are the leaders?
  • 14:50 What differentiates Opacity to other options?
  • 16:10 What do the three month and three year roadmap of Opacity look like?
  • 20:01 What are the strenghts of the Opacity Team? How did you all stick together during the bear market?
  • 22:50 How do you stay alive in a bear market as a company who has never performed an ICO? What is the balance between fiat and crypto for cashflow and operating expenses?
  • 25:50 Are the current prices of Opacity sustainable?
  • 29:20 How does Opacity work behind the tech? When I upload files, where are my files going?
  • 32:10 If AWS were to go down, what would happen? What if the Opacity website goes down?
  • 33:39 Do files get split up or staying together?
  • 35:00 How big exactly are the file storage and file sharing industries? Can Opacity be the DropBox of the Decentralized world?
  • 38:15 How will Opacity handle illegal material or content?
  • 40:38 What does the Opacity Support system look like?
  • 42:00 What happens if Opacity the company shuts down?
  • 43:30 How can you involved with Opacity?
  • 44:30 If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be and why?