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Y Combinator vs. Blockzero Labs | The Astronomy of a Decentralized Accelerator

The Cost of Exclusivity

The Sleeping Giant

Unicorn Valley: The Ethereum-Effect

A startup valued at over $1B dollars.

The Catalyst for Creation

The YC of the Decentralized World

1) Permissionless Opportunity.

No intermediaries should be able to control or censor the creation, control, or transfer of value.

2) Elastic Capital Deployment

3) Tokens vs. Equity

4) Dynamic vs. Fixed Valuations

5) Globalization of Talent and Time

6) Early Liquidity

7) Community Ownership

Decentralize the World

Blockzero Labs Governance | How to Make a Proposal + Council Members

Proposal Types

1) Think (R&D) Proposal

2) Create (Building) Proposal

3) Growth (Marketing) Proposal

4) Core (Work) Proposal

5) General Proposal

General Discussions


The Council


Blockzero Labs (XIO) Tokenomics | The Vortex Proposal

The Model

The Vortex

Orbit #1: Treasury (Vote)

Orbit #2: Liquidity (Stake)

Orbit #3: Collateral (Burn)

Calm Before the Storm

Blockzero Labs

The Y Combinator of the Decentralized World