Active Bounties.

Blockzero Explorer (20,000 XIO)

The Blockzero Explorers is a one-month program to allow DAO members to work alongside the Blockero Core team for one month. During this time, you will be invited to listen in and participate in private Discord conversations to see the inner workings of Blockzero Labs .

While Explorers can work as much or as little as they want, at the end of the month, you will be asked to present to the community what you worked on during your time as an Explorer!

75% of all current Core Contributors have come through the Explorers program so if you’re looking for something more full-time, this is a great place to start and get your hands dirty!


Welcome Video (250-1500 XIO)

When you join the DAO, you are asked a series of questions. Answer these questions by video and upload to Youtube so we can get to see your face and personality!

Doing this will automatically earn you 250 XIO. If your video is good enough to get retweeted by the main Blockzero Labs Twitter account, you will earn 1500 XIO tokens!


Twitter Content (100-5000 XIO)

Good at making memes? Good with creating Twitter threads? Have a knack for creating writing or making videos? Tweet us some original content! If it is good enough to get retweeted by Blockzero Labs, you will earn the following rewards.

  1. Meme: 100 XIO
  2. Twitter Thread: 1000 XIO
  3. Article: 2000 XIO
  4. Video: 5000 XIO

Talent Hunter (Up to 100,000 XIO)

If you refer someone to Blockzero Labs and that person stays on the Core for 6 months, the Citizen earns 10% of that person’s 6-month compensation (up to the amount of XIO they’ve held over the last 6-months)


  • Bob recruits Joe.
  • Joe earns $8,000/month
  • Joe stays for 8 months
  • Bob had average holdings of $10,000
  • After the 6th month, Bob would be sent $4,800

Join the XIO Insider (250 XIO) [COMING SOON]

Sometimes we have really important news for our community! This info first goes to the XIO Insiders on our SMS list. Join the SMS Insider and earn 250 XIO.

Requirement: You must have first completed the “Welcoming Video” bounty to be eligible.