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XIO Phase 2.0: Dapp Beta Testing + Scaling Startup Portals

On Febuary 15th, XIO will transition into Phase 2.0 of building a decentralized and automated staking application. On this date, Phase 1.0 portals will be closed and front-end Private Beta testing will begin. No actions are required for Citizens staked into the Uptrennd Portal as all tokens + interest will automatically be sent back to XID wallets. All development will be led by Xord, XIO’s top dev agency and partner.

If you have any amount of staked XIO in the 1UP Portal, you will be sent back your XIO tokens before February 19th (along with the 1UP interest you have earned). If you would like to participate in the Private Beta Testing, please fill out this application form. The remainder of this article will expand on:

  1. Phase 2.0: What is Phase 2.0 and what was our motivation for moving forward with this development?
  2. Uptrennd Portal: What were the results of the Uptrennd Portal and what should 1UP participants expect moving forward?
  3. Dapp Beta Testing: What does it mean to be a Private Beta Tester and what should you expect in terms of responsibilities/rewards?

1) Phase 2.0

Paul Graham, the Co-founder of Y Combinator has a famous article titled: Do Things that Don’t Scale.

While many people may believe Silicon Valley companies are expected to focus on exponential growth from Day 1, the premise of this article touches on the value of creating solutions and systems that take time, energy, and effort to expand. One of example he uses is from AirBnb, the now unicorn tech company:

“Marketplaces are so hard to get rolling that you should expect to take heroic measures at first. In Airbnb’s case, these consisted of going door to door in New York, recruiting new users and helping existing ones improve their listings. When I remember the Airbnbs during YC, I picture them with rolly bags, because when they showed up for tuesday dinners they’d always just flown back from somewhere.”


Similar to AirBnb, XIO is also building a marketplace. On one side you have the Users and individuals looking to stake early-stage startups. On the other side, you have startups and crypto projects looking to attain the needed community, growth, and capital to succeed.

Although the long-term vision of XIO has always been a completely decentralized, automated, and simplified DeFi application; it was extremely important to launch in a very manual and labor intensive manner. Since the launch in December, we have been able to gain valuable inisght and feedback from over 50 startups and 1000 Citizens to clarify our value proposition and build a solution people actually want to use.

A few weeks ago, we gave a sneek peek of the XIO Dapp and received overwhelming support and excitement. With something physical to show potential startups, most of the feedback we have received since then has been: “When can we expect the Dapp to be ready?

It has become clear over the last few weeks of manual distributions and demand for the Dapp that we needed to focus our energy on development. We believe we are ready to scale.

Phase 2.0 is the transition from a centralized/manual staking system to the decentralized and automated staking platform. On February 15th we will be closing active portals and inviting Citizens to join us in the development of the Dapp.


First, we would like to mention that we could not be more thankful to both Uptrennd and Opacity for being the first two startups to ever pilot the XIO system. It took a leap of faith to trust in the original iteration of XIO and have learned an endless amount of insight from their participation. On February 15th, we will close the 1UP portal and begin returning all staked XIO + the interest earned to date. Here are a few of our biggest takeaways from the world’s first XIO Portal:

There is a Demand and Market for Staking

Before we began building an entire decentralized platform, we first needed to test the hypothesis: Would people actually be willing to let go and lock up their tokens for a long period of time? Is there an actually demand and desire to support early stage startups? The results were an overwhelming yes.

In just a few weeks, over 1 Million XIO tokens were staked into the Uptrennd Portal.

We need a Standard for Staking Rewards

Being one of the first startups in XIO, we gave Uptrennd full control of how they structured their reward. After talking and brainstorming with Jeff (founder of Uptrennd), he and his team decided to offer a 5% monthly reward relative to the USD value of the XIO and 1UP tokens.

While this system can and did work, we have since realized we need a standard reward system that all startups use to distribute tokens. In doing so, we can automate smart contracts and remove ourselves (XIO Foundation) from the decision making process. From now on, all staking rewards will be searchable and viewed with a standardized interest rate.

Citizens Want Automation and a Visual Dashboard

The first phase of XIO has been a very manual process that required a lot of trust in the system. Citizens would not only need to follow a clear list of instructions, but the system lacked clear indicators that their participation of the staking process had been completed successfully. We heard this feedback loud and clear; and are excited to automate this into a trustless system with Phase 2.0.

In Phase 2.0, there will be a visual dashboard of where your tokens are, how much you have in the Portals, how much you can withdraw, and what other Portals can you participate in. Pretty. Cool.

3) Private Beta Testing

Although we have been trying to share the future vision with graphs, metaphors, and article; we believe the little glimpse of the Dapp finally made it feel “real” to many Citizens. We are excited to take this a step further and invite 12 selected Citizens into Private Beta Testing.

If you would like to apply to be an XIO Dapp Private Beta Tester, you can expect to:

  • Participate in weekly discussions on Telegram/Slack through public and private messages
  • Participate in a one time call with an XIO Foundation team member
  • Provide neccessary feedback and information from Dapp experience
  • Receive 2500 XIO for acceptance and successful completion of the Beta testing

Snapshot for 1UP Token Holders on January 14th

In an effort to reward long term supporters of the Uptrennd platform, the XIO Network has agreed to drop XIO tokens to 1UP token holders. A snapshot will be taken on January 14th. To be eligible for this XIO Token drop, there are three items you must complete.

1) Become an official XIO Citizen with a valid XID by January 14th

XIO Citizens are responsible for staking and supporting early stage blockchain startups. For their efforts, they are rewarded with exclusive altcoin distributions.


2) Earn over XIO Credits through the XIO Social Initiative

XIO is built on community. The XIO Social Initiative (XSI) provides daily giveaways and social earning opportunities to engaged and interactive Citizens. Click the link below to learn more on how to earn Credits.

The amount of XIO Tokens you earn for staking 1UP is calculated by how many XIO Credits you earn before March 31st.

  • 3 Credits: Earn 1 XIO Token for every 1000 1UP you stake.
  • 100 Credits: 1 XIO Token for every 250 1UP you stake.
  • 250 Credits: Earn 1 XIO Token for every 100 1UP you stake.

3) Send 1UP Tokens to the Designated Stake Address by January 14th

Your 1UP tokens will be locked for three months. Make sure to send from the same ETH address you have connected to your XID or you will not be eligible.

To stake your 1UP Tokens, please send any amount of tokens to the Desingated 1UP Stake Address:


Final Thoughts

After you have done these three items and properly qualified, you will be sent your 1UP + XIO Tokens in three months. The maximum XIO Tokens that can be awarded per Citizen is 10,000.


Snapshot for OPQ Token Holders on January 14th

In an effort to reward long term supporters of the Opacity platform, the XIO Network has agreed to drop XIO tokens to OPQ holders. A snapshot will be taken on January 14th. To be eligible for this XIO Token drop, there are three items you must complete.

1) Become an official XIO Citizen with a valid XID by January 13th

XIO Citizens are responsible for staking and supporting early stage blockchain startups. For their efforts, they are rewarded with exclusive altcoin distributions.


2) Earn XIO Credits through XIO Social Initiative by March 31st

XIO is built on community. The XIO Social Initiative (XSI) provides daily giveaways and social earning opportunities to engaged and interactive Citizens. Click the link below to learn more on how to earn Credits.

The amount of XIO Tokens you earn for staking OPQ is calculated by how many XIO Credits you earn before March 31st.

  • Level One (3 Credits): Earn 1 XIO Token for every 100 OPQ you stake.
  • Level Two (100 Credits): Earn 1 XIO Token for every 20 OPQ you stake.
  • Level Three (250 Credits): Earn 1 XIO Token for every 10 OPQ you stake.

3) Send OPQ Tokens to the Designated Stake Address by January 14th

Your OPQ tokens will be locked for three months. Make sure to send from the same ETH address you have connected to your XID or you will not be eligible. To stake your OPQ Tokens, please send any amount of tokens to the Designated OPQ Stake Address:


Final Thoughts

After you have done these three items and properly qualified, you will be sent your OPQ + XIO Tokens in three months. The maximum XIO Tokens that can be awarded per Citizen is 10,000.


The Path to Deflation, Creation, and Profitability

For those of you who have been with us since the beginning of Bomb Token, you know our affinity for deflation and tokenomic theory. In creating the world’s first self-destructing currency; we learned a lot along the way.

Many of our community members were surprised that XIO was not deflationary at the launch. This decision was a difficult but intentional choice to ensure we were not burning tokens just for the sake of deflation. We wanted to first clarify our goals, discover our objectives, and solidify a vision before making this decision.

Today, we believe we have gained clarity on how to ensure a long-term, sustainable, mutually aligned and incentivized token model. To help us support and launch startups into the decentralized world for decades to come, XIO is implementing a deflationary buy + burn token model.

What is the Current Business Model?

From the beginning of XIO, we have used YCombinator as a way to explain our business model.

YC is a startup incubator in Silicon Valley that is behind some of the greatest tech companies of our era including DropBox, Coinbase, AirBnb, and Stripe — just to name a few.

Their model is pretty simple; give companies capital and get 7% equity of the company in return. At this time, the cumulative valuation of all their companies is $155,000,000,000+.

How is XIO Different?

While the YC model has proven to work, we believe it does not completely align with the obstacles and opportunities currently within the blockchain industry. For a separate article on these differences, go here.

Instead of taking equity from startups, all upside and potential value for XIO is generated through the form of native tokens. When a startup joins the incubator, they lock their native tokens in a decentralized XIO Portal.

Any user (XIO Citizen) who wants to participate in this Portal must provide a form of value to the startup. This ‘value’ can be a variety of things and is chosen by the startup.

For these efforts and value creation for the startup, native tokens are unlocked from the Portal and rewarded to Citizens.

How Does XIO Generate Revenue?

While XIO has a larger vision of running completely decentralized, there is an XIO Foundation to help facilitate and foster the ecosystem (similar to the Ethereum Foundation).

To incentivize these efforts, the XIO Foundation was awarded 25M out of the total supply. In the same system that Citizens use to support startups, the XIO Foundation can participate in these Portals and earn native tokens.

To survive and grow, the XIO Foundation must provide value and growth to startups just like everyone else. This is how “income” is currently generated.

The Power of the Citizens

While the current model can be considered sustainable, we don’t consider it optimal.

The entire success and value of XIO revolves around the efforts of Citizens. If Citizens are demotivated or not properly incentivized, the startups that open portals will not be successful. This positive (or negative) feedback loop truly showed us that without proper incentives for Citizens, the entire model will be hard to scale.

Why Do We Want to Implement Deflation?

To encourage growth and engagement, the XIO Foundation has created multiple reward opportunities that Citizens and Startups can use to earn tokens. These include:

  • XLP: Earn 10%+ per month for adding liquidity
  • XSI: Earn 10%+ per month for staying social
  • xInsider: Earn 1% per month for joining SMS list
  • xIncubator: Earn 2% per month for XIO staked into Portal

Although these incentives have helped us get off the ground, we believe these early increases to Circulating Supply may create downward pressure on the XIO token.

What is the Solution?

While the XIO Token has proven to be an amazing crowdsourcing utility in terms of increasing overall engagement, it has not yet proven to be the best crowdfunding mechanism.

With all-new tokens, there is an early phase of awkward teen years where the asset is finding its value and maturing into a liquid asset. The early volatile nature make the XIO token (currently) not the best solution for our startups.

To counteract these potential obstacles, mutually align Citizens, and provide a model for potential value accrual for the entire Network over time; we are currently developing a Buy + Burn mechanism for XIO utilizing the power of Dai.

How Will DAI Be Utilized?

DAI is a decentralized stable coin built by the team at Maker DAO. We believe it has many of the characteristics we as the XIO Network need to properly help our startups attain a steady flow of capital.

  • Liquidity: DAI has a $100M+ Market Cap
  • Stability: DAI retains its value at $1
  • Interest: DAI currently provides 6% yearly interest

When a startup activates an XIO Portal, they will be able to accept both XIO and DAI as staked assets.

  • Staking XIO will be focused on crowdsourcing or growth for the startup.
  • Staking DAI will be focused on crowdfunding for the startup.

What Does This Mean for XIO Holders?

This is where it gets interesting. For every DAI that is generated through the crowdfunding system of the Portal, a portion of these funds will be used to buy and burn XIO Tokens.

Below are some examples and a calculator to  estimate how the total supply of XIO Tokens will be impacted based on how much DAI is staked and what the price of the XIO Token is. In short, the more DAI that is staked, the less XIO there is in existence.

Below is a visual flow of how tokens + value are circulating within this model. It is important to note that Citizens will retain access and control of the tokens (XIO + DAI) at all times.


The system for staking of XIO from Citizens will not change at all. The only difference that XIO Token holders will see is a constant reduction of Total Supply overtime that is proportional to the growth and success of the entire Network.

While it has already been a crazy ride to this point, we could not be more thankful for the amount of continuous feedback, engagement, and positivity our community has shown over the last several months.

Let’s Keep the Momentum Going. The Future is at Stake.

Double Your XIO: Uniswap Liquidity Pool Instructions

Today we are announcing an XIO Liquidity Pool on Uniswap that allows you to double your $XIO holdings in as little as six months. Here is a breakdown of the rest of the article.

  • What is the XIO Liquidity Pool on Uniswap?
  • How many XIO Rewards Can You Earn by Participating?
  • What are the Requirements to Be Eligible?
  • How do you join the XIO Liquidity Pool?
  • How do you withdraw funds from Uniswap?
  • How do you withdraw XIO Interest?



What is the XIO Liquidity Pool on Uniswap?

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Uniswap is the greatest addition to the cryptocurrency world since the evolution of Vitalik memes.

Instead of depending on an exchange for liquidity, anyone can create a decentralized exchange (swap) directly on the Uniswap platform. You control your crypto at all times.

While this is an amazing technology, it still takes many people participating to become beneficial or helpful to the XIO Network.

For this reason, we are creating an incentivized liquidity pool on Uniswap and rewarding you, XIO Citizens, for helping bring it to life. Below is a breakdown of how much XIO you can expect to make for participating and how to get involved.

What do you get for Participating?

This took some internal debates on what the best rates would be. If the rate is too high, you can dilute the market. If the rate is too low, nobody will participate.

To capture some early momentum, XIO Rates are adjusted based on how many ETH is in the pool. These thresholds are at 100, 1000, and 10,000, 50,000, and 100,000 ETH. Our goal is 100,000 ETH.

As you can see from the above graphic, there is a large incentive to join the Pool early. Over time, as the pool grows, the interest rates will decrease.

We didn’t want to overload this visual, so we created a separate public Google Sheet with more numbers and estimated rates over time. Click here to view. This google sheet will also be updated monthly with whitelisted ETH addresses of all individuals participating.

XIO Bonus Rewards

More than thresholds of ETH, we have bonus opportunities for those who keep XIO in the Pool for longer periods of time. For each month you have an active Pool, you will gain an extra 2% interest per month (max of 10% bonus per month)/

If you remove any amount of XIO or ETH from the Pool for any reason, your XIO Bonus is reset at the Standard base rate.

Uniswap Bonus Rewards

Uniswap has a 0.30% fee per trade. These fees are actually given to liquidity providers! This means, if you are providing liquidity to XIO and there are a large number of trades, you will earn a percentage of those fees based on how much of the pool you manage, Pretty cool!

What are the Requirements to Be Eligible?

We made it pretty simple and straight forward to be eligible to participate. There are only two requirements.

  1. The minimum amount you can stake is 1 ETH
  2. Your XIO Address must be Whitelisted by filling out this Typeform

How Do You Participate in the Pool?

If you have read this far and are interested in participating, here is a step by step walkthrough on how to get started! You can also watch the video at the top of this article for more instructions.

Step One | Go to Uniswap.Exchange

Step Two | Click Pool + Select Token XIO

Step Three | Unlock XIO + Enter Desired Amounts

How do you Withdraw Funds from Uniswap?

One of the best parts about Uniswap is you can withdraw funds at any time. When you are ready to withdraw your liquidity, you simply go to the ‘Pool’ tab and click “Remove Liquidity”.

Keep in mind, if you remove any tokens from the Liquidity Pool at any time, your XIO Bonus reward rate is reset back to standard.

How do you withdraw XIO Interest?

Keep in mind, you don’t earn XIO Interest directly from Uniswap. All interest earned must be requested using the official XIO Withdraw Typeform.

To be eligible for Withdraw, you must submit your request before the 1st of the month. Interest is paid out between the 1st and 3rd of the month after you submit a request.

For example, if you submit an XIO Interest Withdraw request on December 28th, you will receive your XIO Interest sometime between January 1st and 3rd.


  • First and foremost, we don’t control Uniswap. While it has over $23.7M currently locked into its smart contract and used across the industry, it is still a technology built on a smart contract. We at the XIO Foundation have no control over lost funds to Uniswap.
  • This is extremely important to understand. The ratio of funds you put into Uniswap Pool may NOT be the ratio you pull out. For example, if you put in 1 ETH and 1000 XIO, this does not mean you will get 1 ETH back. While you are always guaranteed to get an equal amount of USD back out, the ratio of your withdraw may fluctuate with market dynamics. If you put in $100 of ETH, you may get $90 of ETH back (with $10 XIO) or vice versa.
  • Uniswap liquidity pools can be highly volatile during early-stage tokens. Please watch this video if you want more understanding of how they work behind the scenes.
  • The XIO Foundation has the ability to change interest rates as needed. If changes are to be made, we would attempt to give at least a 15 days notice.


When most people ask “when to exchange?” they are really asking “when liquidity?”.

Although we are not opposed to exchanges as we grow, our main priority is liquidity for our XIO Startups, Citizens, and Partners so we can launch ideas into the decentralized world.

The best thing about Uniswap to us is interdependence from exchanges. Instead of being at the mercy of centralized authorities, we believe Uniswap will allow us to control our own destiny and not rely on third-party providers.

We are excited for this next chapter of XIO. As always, reach out to us on Telegram from live chat questions and discussions.

XIO Startups Round One: Uptrennd (1UP) vs. Opacity (OPQ)

With over fifty applications to the XIO Blockchain Startup Incubator, we are excited to officially announce our first two nominations.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 3:20 The Startups Revealed
  • 5:17 Overview of Uptrennd
  • 6:30 Overview of Opacity
  • 7:25 Article Breakdown
  • 9:25 Uprennd Analysis
  • 18:19 Opacity Analysis
  • 27:53 XIO Drop Proposals
  • 28:26 1UP Drop Proposal
  • 32:06 OPQ Drop Proposal
  • 35:32 Closing +

The startup with the most amount of votes from XIO Citizens (polls open December 6th, more details in follow up article) will be accepted into the Incubator. The remainder of this article will breakdown:

  • Overviews of the two nominated projects
  • Analysis we discovered during due diligence
  • Questions we still have for the projects
  • XIO Drop Proposal and Offer to XIO Citizens

After reading this article, there will be a two-week window for XIO Citizens to assist us in the Due Diligence process. We need your help here for collective questions. Dive deep into your research. Don’t hold anything back.

The top questions will be compiled and asked in individual video interviews with each founder. You can submit official questions on RedditFacebookTwitterYoutube, or here directly on Medium.

In addition to official questions, we encourage you to join the startup’s social channels to ask questions and interact with the teams directly.

1) Uptrennd: Social Media, for the People

Below is a quick video about the story of Uptrennd followed by some of the questions answered through the XIO Incubator Listing application.

What is Uptrennd?

Social Media, For The People

What is the number one problem Uptrennd is solving?

Traditional social platforms treat users like disposable commodities by selling data, censoring information, and paying them NOTHING.

What is the solution Uptrennd is providing to fix this problem?

Uptrennd is a platform that allows people around the world to earn a thriving income, while maintaining the security of data and freedom of speech. We redirect the profits back to the users. We don’t store data. We don’t censor based on bias.

How does Uptrennd Work?

On Uptrennd, you will be rewarded every time your post or comment is upvoted, and you retain full control of your private information and data. Uptrennd is a movement to shift the wealth and power from the corporations, back to the people.

More info on how it works

What is the big-picture vision of Uptrennd?

We aim to become a household name in the social sphere. We will also be the first social platform to be both owned and hybrid-governed by the users. This will be possible through a security token offering and a hybrid-dao model.

How many people are working on Uptrennd?

30. We believe in execution. Not false promises made by big names. The proof is on our website.

What blockchain are you building on?


What phase is Uptrennd in?

Working Product

How long have you been working on this project?

It has been live for nine months

Why do you want to join the XIO Incubator?

Community is the most powerful factor for growth

Please provide your CMC link of applicable.

Please provide a direct link to your token contract.


Uptrennd Analysis

In addition to a flat out the exponential surge of growth over the last few months, here are the top three reasons we nominated Uptrennd.

1) Trust with Founder

From a personal standpoint, the founder (Jeff Kirdeikis) and I have known each other/worked together in the crypto industry since 2017. Through this time, we have built a personal relationship and trust in each other’s character and work ethic.

More than good ideas, we aim to support good people at XIO. Jeff and the leadership team he has built around him fall into this category.

2) Community Focused

From BOMB to XIO, we know a community is everything. While many projects in the space struggle to build community, the energy and culture of the Uptrennd project is already lightyears ahead of most projects.

We encourage you to join their social channels and experience this contagiously positive community for yourself.

In addition to managing Uptrennd, Jeff manages Cryptocurrency Investing Network, the largest network of online cryptocurrency enthusiasts with over 500,000 members. They know the community and how to foster engagement.

3) The Shift to Deflation

While observing the boom of Bomb Token (world’s first deflationary currency) and the tokenomics we put in place, Jeff and his team made a conscious effort to turn 1UP tokens (1UP) into a deflationary currency.

To show their confidence to deflation, Uptrennd has commited burned millions of their own tokens.

More than a one time burn, Jeff and the Uptrennd team already have a unique locking system in place and are actively implementing consistent deflationary mechanisms. Details for this will be explained more clearly during my video interview with Jeff.

Uptrennd Questions

Here are some of the questions want to get more clarity on with Uptrennd during this Due Diligence period. We encourage XIO Citizens to also add your questions.

  • Differentiator: It seems that nobody has cracked the code on social crypto at scale. What will differentiate Uptrennd over the other crypto social sites like Steemit and (soon to be) Voice?
  • Tokenomics: The function of a token within an ecosystem is extremely important to the long term health of a project. What is the updated roadman on the tokenomic structure(deflationary mechanisms + locking system)
  • Circulating Supply Distribution: With such a large amount of tokens held out of circulation, what are the systems and expectations for bringing these into circulation?
  • Product Development: What is the focus over the next 6 months from a technical perspective? What feature or development is the community most wanting?
  • Censorship Values: Being anti-censorship is a very amazing goal, but sometimes hard to navigate. We would like to get clarity on how Uptrennd aims to stay censorship-resistant over time as a Web 2.0 website and what are the criteria of prohibited/accepted content.

Opacity: DropBox for the Decentralized World

Opacity has a massive goal and opportunity to become the DropBox of the decentralized world. Below are some of the questions answered by the Opacity team through the XIO Incubator Listing application.

What is Opacity?

Zero-knowledge file sharing and storage platform with no personal information required.

What is the number one problem your project/idea is trying to fix?

Traditional cloud storage providers require personal information including email, credit card, and a personal address. With the growing amount of data breaches happening every day, merely retaining this data creates personal risk for consumers and businesses.

Based on this problem, what is the solution you are proposing to fix this?

Our users manage file storage and sharing with a personal handle, similar to an ETH private key. Because we never ask for personal information, this provides complete privacy for all files stored and shared with Opacity. Additionally, by using zero-knowledge encryption, the files are 100% controlled by the user and Opacity members can never see or access them.

In 10 years from now, what needs to happen for you to consider your project/idea a success? Share your big vision for the company/idea.

Our vision is bigger than just being the next Dropbox. We already have community members building privacy-centric applications on top of our API. By becoming a secure and private data provider, we can provide streaming services such as Youtube; we can provide photo sharing such as Imgur; we can provide real-time communications such as Telegram, and we can provide social media sharing and discussions such as Facebook or Reddit. Our platform is already centered around the privacy of the user account and data storage. What we do with that has infinite use cases.

Please share a link to your github if applicable

How many people are currently working on this project idea?


Please the LinkedIn accounts of any/all your team members

What blockchain are you building on?


What phase is your project is in?

Working Product

How long have you been working on this project?

Since December 2018

Why do you want to join the XIO Incubator?

We believe working with the XIO incubator, we will receive important connections, support, and exposure to help us accomplish our goals.

Please provide your CMC link of applicable.

Please provide a direct link to your token contract.


Opacity Analysis

After connecting with the Opacity team three months ago, here are the top three reasons we nominated their project.

1) Backstory, Transparency, and Resilience of Company

Opacity has one of the craziest backstories I have come across in the space. In fact, Opacity was created by members of an entirely different company that some of you may remember called Oyster Pearl.

Despite a massive setback in the early stages and lack of ICO funding, the team pushed through a rebrand and have kept their vision alive.

With any obstacle in this space, transparency is key; and Jason and his team have been exactly this. If you ever join their telegram channel, you will often find Jason in a long, in-depth, conversation; answering questions where possible.

This type of leadership and resourcefulness is exactly what all startups in the space need to succeed.

2) Active Product Development

We have all seen the massive blockchain companies who raised millions of dollars that still haven’t launched a product. Opacity is not only live, but has active users on the platform storing files.

It seems like each month they have a new update to the application.

3) Open-Mind to Changing Tokenomics

When we originally connected, the tokenomics of OPQ were a slight a question mark. However, in the last several months, the Opacity team has shown an open-mind to new ideas on adjusting the dynamics of OPQ by introducing burning and staking mechanism.

Just this week, Jason (founder of Opacity) started a private group called the Opacity Economic Advisory Board with a focus on how to optimize the token for long term health and value; native to its ecosystem.

We believe this focus and attention to alternative system is extremely needed and exciting for token holders.

Opacity Questions

Here are some of the questions want to get more clarity on with Opacity during this Due Diligence period. We encourage XIO Citizens to also add your questions.

  • Credit Card vs. OPQ Token: Jason and his team made the tough but needed decision to accept credit cards for their service. We have spoken in great lengths how this was needed for the cashflow of the company to maintain the project. At the same time, we are looking for longer term clarity on the balance of crypto (OPQ) vs. fiat options as this will certainly impact token health and sustainability.
  • Behind the Tech: In our initial conversations, the Opacity team explained there is a longer-term roadmap and plan to the decentralized file storage system. We need to get more clarity on where the files are currently being stored, how they are being stored, and who are the partners behind the project. If Amazon AWS goes down, will users files be accessible?
  • File Sharing vs. File Storage: In recent conversations and company updates, it seems file sharing may actually be the flagship product people are gravitating towards. We would like to get more clarity on the market size of each and where the future scalability/business model lies. Are we are the mercy of the adoption and growth of the blockchain industry? How big is this market exactly?
  • Long-Term Storage Pricing: How exactly is Opacity so much cheaper than the alternatives out there? Is this sustainable over the long term?

The XIO Drop Proposals

One of the items we are most excited about with the two startups is just how different the XIO Drop Proposals are. One XIO Drop has a lower interest rate offer, but a much larger (infinite actually) amount of tokens offered to Citizens. The other XIO Drop has a large interest rate, with lower total tokens made available.

We really have no idea which way Citizens will vote, but it will be fascinating to watch unfold. Here is a breakdown of the Uptrennd + Opacity XIO Drop proposals

XIO Drop Proposals and Ratios are subject to change up until the voting period begins (12/6/2019)

Uptrennd XIO Drop Proposal

  • Number of tokens (1UP) offered: infinite
  • Amount of Time Portal is Open: indefinite
  • Requirement to Participate: Must provide proof of sign up on (this will be done by commenting on a post with your ETH wallet address)
  • Exclusions: The maximum amount of stake per wallet is 250,000 XIO
  • XIO-1Up Drop Ratio: Details below

Uptrennd XIO Drop Ratio

For every $100 of XIO you stake per month, you will receive $5 of 1UP tokens per month. For example, if:

  • The price of XIO is $0.01
  • The price of 1UP is $0.001
  • You stake 10,000 XIO ($100)
  • You will receive 5,000 1UP ($5)
  • You will receive your 10,000 XIO back at the end of the XIO Drop

XIO Drop Proposals and Ratios are subject to change up until the voting period begins (12/6/2019)

Opacity XIO Drop Proposal

  • Number of tokens (OPQ) offered: 200,000
  • Amount of Time Portal is Open: Until no more OPQ tokens remain available
  • Requirement to Participate: Must whitelist your Ethereum wallet by attaining a Basic, Professional, or Business package on
  • Exclusions: The maximum amount of OPQ reward per wallet is 10,000
  • XIO-OPQ Drop Ratio: Details below

Opacity XIO Drop Ratio

Depending on the Opacity Storage package you own, you will be rewarded at these ratios.

  • Whitelisting a basic account, you will get 0.25 OPQ for every XIO you stake
  • Whitelisting a professional account, you will get 0.5 OPQ for every XIO you stake
  • Whitelisting a business account, you will get 1 OPQ for every XIO you stake

For example, if:

  • You have a Pro account
  • You stake 10,000 XIO
  • You will receive 5,000 OPQ
  • You will receive your 10,000 XIO back at the end of the XIO Drop

XIO Drop Proposals and Ratios are subject to change up until the voting period begins (12/6/2019)

XIO Citizens — Let’s Show the World Our Value

One interesting parallel with both startups; neither of them performed an ICO. While this wasn’t the intention during our application process, it does show how much we relate with and believe in the future of the XIO model.

While we at the XIO Foundation have put in a great amount of work to get to this launch, the future of XIO is solely dependent on the participation, engagement and energy of Citizens.

To help us recruit future startups into the incubator, we need to show the world the power of our community. We need to show that our Citizens are high-quality individuals that offer more value than just token holders.

If you want to help XIO Network and support our vision, we need you to get truly involved and engaged with our XIO Startups. At the end of the day, this is still a business, and we will be judged based on the awareness and value we can provide founders and their projects.

Holding a token does not add much value. Asking questions. Providing feedback. Registering for accounts. Engaging on social. All these small things add up to a powerful community presence that good ideas need to succeed.

These startups have taken a leap of faith in XIO in taking part in the initial batch. Let’s go show them our appreciation.

What is the XIO Syndicate and Private OTC Network?

The Syndicate is where angel investors offer XIO companies with needed capital through a private OTC Network.

To be accepted into the Syndicate, members must manage more than $100,000 in cryptocurrency assets.

Individuals who are accepted into the Syndicate receive OTC opportunities that help provide XIO Companies with early level capital for operating expenses.